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My least favorite task is the office.   But someone has got to do it!   

How about some soothing art to pass the time...

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Super Textured ATC

Hi again guys!
Today, I have a quick little lotus inspired ATC.   The supplies I used are listed below.  It all starts with this piece of card stock that a little pot of pain tipped over on.  I figured, hey, let's make a background rather than trying to scoop it up.   I added more paint and smoothered it all over that piece of cardstock with my palette knife allowing it to keep as much texture as possible and I set it aside.  That was months ago and here is it becoming something beautiful!  I added a touch of gray ink to the white areas of the paper and cut it down to ATC size.   Next, came a ripped scrap of Asian vintage text.
I then took some of that same vintage paper and inked it a bit with my Niji metalic watercolors in green.  I wrote the phrase "No mud - No lotus".  It is just something I have always loved. I adhered that to the ATC with a bit of gray scrap under that. 
To top it all off came the pretty lotus image fussy cut from my collage sheet.  I added a bit of shim…


Nancie is an amazing creator, her scrapbooks are award-worthy, her cards are sublime. I want to share some pieces of her work today for your enjoyment.  She used inks, stamps and one of our stencils for the fabulous backgrounds.

Nancie lived in Ohio, moved to Tucson AZ with her three amazing boys, quite the adventurer!   Settling in Phoenix, she and I got the opportunity become lifelong friends. She is now back in OHIO loving her life as a creator, enjoying her retirement.  
Thanks, Nancie for adding beauty to our world.

Turning scrap into art

I know there are other artists and crafters out there like me who have a bin full of wonderful little bits and pieces leftover from other projects.  You know the ones...the unique paper, the stamped image that didn't get used, the random Altered Pages collage image from a full sheet of images.  I dug into that bin this week to create a trio of artist trading cards (ATC) to share with you.
Normally, I share how to pictures with you but since I use using remnants I don't have any.  Everything was already (mostly) ready to use.  I hope you enjoy!

Supplies used: Tea Party collage sheet Pretty Purple collage sheet Pocket Quotes 2 collage sheet Chinese Textiles collage sheet Year of the Dragon collage sheet Stained Glass Windows collage sheet Collage Backgrounds 1 collage sheet Metal charms Dew Drops Glue/adhesive Fancy Ribbon (used only the pink & black dangles)

Bright Blots, Black and Butterflies

I love creatng small makes such as ATC's and another love is creating my own background papers to use for such projects.  Today I was tidying up some paint supplies and noticed a lot of my paint bottles were pretty much empty so I decided to simply add some water to them and use up the last drops of paint.  I simply dribbled and poured out the now runny paint on some A3 Sized Papers and then pressed others into these to absorb up the wet paint.  This blotting messy fun took me back to my childhood.

Knowing it's Spring in the Northern Hemisphere I was inspired by the birds and the bees who are busy at this time of year and selected an assortment of Collage Sheets to play with.  Those that know me, probably guessed that the butterflies would win out!

I then cut down some of my papers into ATC Size Pieces.

I grabbed a stencil and black ink to add further marks to the backgrounds before adding some butterflies and text.

The text was stamped on white paper so I used my Gelatos to c…

Stencils make great ATCs too!

I am playing with Stencils to make wonderful bases for ATCs.

APRIL is ATC month and we have gifts for YOU.  Share your ATCs on our FACEBOOK PAGE to be included in our weekly giveaways.

We all have those papers in our stash that are not really favorites and this is a great way to use them up.
The idea is to add layer upon layer of stencils and paints.  Move the stencil around for more designs.   Use 6 x 6 or 12 x 12 or ??   I cut my papers into strips and then ATC sizes once they were dry using my Fiskars cutter.

I added Prills with glue to create an undulating pattern which helped create my framed ATC triptych shown above.   I was pretty pleased with the results.  Truth be told, that is a dollar store frame, what a find!
I kept going with more papers to create a stash of papers I can use for ATC's or any project. 
You can mix any inks or even stamp pads with mediums.   One thing I learned was to run a distress oxide inkpad over the stencil, which will stay on top so that when you apply …

Building Backgrounds for ATC's

Happy April Everyone!  Thanks for joining me. 
This month Altered Pages is sharing ATC's and today, I am going to show you how I build a big background perfect for ATC's in a couple easy steps.  This background is perfect for ATC's, a future card or mixed media project.  And, it is just fun to play in all the decoupage and paint with no real rules.  This starts with a cereal box for my foundation.  I flipped it over and used the white side for my project.  Altered Pages has great ATC collage backs here.  I will just adhere these to the backs of my ATC's.  Next, I add torn vintage text pages and music sheets.  You can use any white glue for this.  I used Mod Podge.   Some of these pages had inks and color already added to them as they were left overs from other projects.  
Then, I added fun colors in a random circle pattern using acrylic paints.  Most of the cool pattern above is hidden, but there are some spots where it peaks through. 
I cut my background into ATC size piece…