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It's an Emerald Creek Christmas

What is Christmas without candles!

Altered Pages Collage Christmas Bottle Caps
Altered Pages Collage Ivory Angels
Empty Jars with flat surface
Emerald Creek Candy Red Embossing Powder
Emerald Creek Candy Green Embossing Powder
Twine or ribbon
Small Pinecones
Adhesive Tacky Glue

Use jars with a flat surface! Swipe VersaMark around the bottom edges of the jar and sprinkle with  Emerald Creek Candy Red Embossing Powder, set with heat tool. 

CAUTION!!! Be careful using the heat tool the glass will get HOT!

Repeat with VersaMark around additional edges of the jar and sprinkle with  Emerald Creek Candy Green Embossing Powder, set with heat tool. 

Punch the Altered Pages Collage Christmas Bottle Caps images and adhere with Adhesive - Tacky Glue.

Fussy cut the four angels Altered Pages Collage Ivory Angels adhere with Adhesive - Tacky Glue.

Stickles add a bit of sparkle to the images on the candle holder!
Tie ribbon or jute around the top of the jar. Add small pinecones or bells …
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Rock Around the Christmas Tree

I had such fun making this one.  I actually giggled a couple times thinking about Christmases past. 
Sweet memories of the Night Before Christmas.

I remember my Grandmother having a red wreath made of cellophane on her door.  Anyone else  remember those? EVERYONE had the lighted candles in their windows and BIG bulb outdoor lights. Cheesy music (we do currently have Grandma got run over by a reindeer) and cardboard decorations were the norms.  AND miraculously we waited until mid- December to start decorating, not before Halloween! I had this record in its original paper jacket given to me by Lyneen.   I found it again as I pulled out the Holiday items.  I almost didn't want to do anything to it, but that is silly. It needed to be shared.  I hesitantly cut apart the jacket.  I used Art Anthology paint with a shimmer for the base coat on the canvas.  I then added The Crafter's Workshop Gold Shimmer which is heavenly!
While that was drying I embossed on the record being careful not…

Inspiration Week 2 ~ Emerald Creek!

Hope you have you been following our blog this week... we have had some great inspiration projects using Altered Pages and Emerald Creek products together?  See these and more, click on the link below the pictures to see full posts! Shoe and Heart - June Mac Ornament - Stephanie Siatta

Frame - Jen Rothstein Ornament - Lyneen Jesse We still have more to Emerald Creek inspiration to come next week!

Cherry Blossom Santa Upcycle with Emerald Creek

Welcome Friends! 
I have a fun little upcycle project for you today using  AlteredPages products including a few great items from Emerald Creek.  I am giving a simple wine cork a glamorous makeover to become a fabulous ornanment using acrylic mirror medallions (those little plastic flowerettes used to secure a mirror to the wall)  Here is a pic of them below and the eye screws that I use to attach to the cork.  I opted for the smaller screws today. If you are going to be hanging a lot of goodies from your ornament you might go for a larger size eye screw.  I honestly cannot take credit for this idea of using the mirror medallions.  I did see this somewhere before, but it was many moons ago. I thought I would bring this little trick back for you today. The mirror medallions also come in other smaller sizes. I thought why not go big!! 
I knew that I was going to be incorporating a beautiful brass cherry blossom charm from Emerald Creek so I utilized some of the cherry blossom collage images fr…

So excited!!!

Christmas Board Book 2017 Release Order NOW Very Limited  I can't show it all to you...wanted to share some highlights to tease you! Colorful Tags to which you add the twine we provide  What FUN 10 Bingo cards for Christmas Eve  Gorgeous papers, add-ins, full-color instructions with assorted reversible papers so you can decide on your own layout designs or use ours.  See all that is included, you simply add scissors, and your imagination. PLACE your Order, click HERE.
Have a Fantastic weekend 

Emerald Creek Embossed heart and shoe

I was lucky enough to try out some amazing embossing powders from Emerald Creek this month with Altered Pages. I went for the darker tones in the Allure powders and they are 'Awesome' So beautiful. I got to creating a couple of things with the 'Onyx Frost' and wow did I have fun !
I began by using a wooden heart shaped pendant. I covered it in Versamark clear ink and then covered it in the Onyx Frost embossing powder.

I repeated the process four times allowing the layers to cool in between each application.
On the fourth layer I got a patterned acrylic stamp (from my stash ) ready and then inked and embossed the last layer. I did not wait more than 5 seconds then pressed the stamp into the warm embossed surface. I held it there for around thirty seconds and lifted it away leaving the gorgeous pattern imprinted on the heart.
After I finished embossing I decided to dust with mica powder and then added some Stickles glitz to the finished item. I attached a silver chain an…