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Bird on Bike Journey

I think I am having a little too much fun with my Gelatos and Lost Coast Design stamps!  I am so glad Altered Pages had the opportunity to partner with Lost Coast Design, I have had a great time stamping this month!  Today I am sharing a third technique using Gelatos the other two were direct to paper.  This time I am taking the paper to the Gelatos. Today I am using the unmounted Grunge Tree from  Lost Coast Designs stamps. It is a background stamp, measuring 4 x 5 1/4.

and the Silhouette of Bird on Bike stamp, which is 3 inches tall. SuppliesLost Coast Designs Stamps -Grunge Tree and Bird on Bike Acrylic Block
Double Sided Tape
Gelatos - assorted colors Craft Mat
Black ink Embossing Powder
Water -spray bottle Using random colors rub Gelatos on the craft mat.
Mist the Gelatos with water.  You may need to use the waterbrush to full color coverage on the craft mat. Don't mix the colors too much or they will muddy!
Once you are happy with the colors on the craft mat the lay th…
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Let No Sadness Come to This Heart

Hello again, Friday Friends! I am so happy to share this with you.   I just loved working this BEAUTIFUL Lost Coast Designs Hamsa Hand stamp and helping it into something that I am truly very proud of.  It was not hard given the quality of the great red rubber stamp and the embellishments from  First I would like to start with some inspiration here... The Hamsa Hand is a very ancient symbol and is believed to ward off evil.   It carries with it this beautiful poem.  Please take this with you today and all days.... Let no sadness come to this heart Let no trouble come to these arms Let no conflict come to these eyes Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace
Now, on to creating my mixed media piece.  First step is to ink chunky cardboard with coral and magenta. I used liquid ink watered down to the colors and intensity that was I wanting.  I then added a bit of green shimmery ink...can you see that in the upper left corner in the pic below? This is ea…

Winged Girl stamped on Monoprints

This week I've used the lovely Winged Girl from Lost Coast Designs, in a successful attempt to
improve (not to mention destash) some prints from a pile of less-than-stellar monotypes:

Here she's stamped on a deli paper print. This image is on craft paper--after stamping with Versafine, I dried the ink with a heat gun, and used a straight edge to tear the image to a size that fit some premade craft paper cards.

This one is my favorite!
Have a wonderful Thursday! :)trisha
Gel Press Printing plate

Grateful Hearts for Creative Arts Video by Debi Tullier

I am very thankful for Creative Arts. My life would be quiet empty and lacking color without art.

 I felt this tag represents a flight of fancy.   The sketch (coloring collage sheet) moving from a coloring book look, to colored image to an actual "flower" is how my world is. I think many forget that everything was a "sketch" before it took shape and became "real".  I am so thankful to AlteredPages for allowing me to have this fun forum to express myself. I am also delighted to use the wonderful rubber stamps from Lost Coast Designs.  I used one of their Whimsical bird stamps but please check out their diverse catalog of  stamps. Supplies used were: Gel Press Splash Inks brayer palette acrylic paints Black-eyed Susan handmade flowers Watercolor Pencils  Pan Pastels 3061 Coloring Flowers Collage sheet Random embossing folder for patterning with Gel Press Stencil with celestial elements Aleene's Glue Scissors Miscellaneous paint brushes Manila Tags  Acrylic Stamp Moun…

Murder of Crow Party Favors!

The Lost Coast Designs five piece stamp set Murder of Crows is very versatile.  It could be used for cards, scrapbooking and YES, even party favors.

Murder of Crow party favors!

Lost Coast Designs - Murder of Crows
Acrylic Block
Cardstock to stamp on
Black Ink
Embossing Powder
Pillow Box Kit
Corrugated Cardboard
Double-sided Tape and Glue
Bazzill Edges

Lost Coast Designs five piece stamp set Murder of Crows! The Pillow Box Kit makes into great party favors. The kit comes with all you need to create five pillows as pictured below. Today we are going to deviate from the kit and use the pillow to create favors for a Halloween themed party! Instead of the paper bands included in the kit Corrugated Cardboard was used for the base of the embellishments on the pillow.
Cute the Corrugated Cardboard to length and adhere with Double-sided Tape.  Cut pieces of Bazzill Edges and adhere to the Corrugated Cardboard with glue.
Lost Coast Designs - Murder of Crows were stamped on cardstock  u